We recently discussed who qualifies for a frenulectomy procedure in our last blog, but do you know the ins and outs of what this procedure entails? It’s surprisingly simple and extremely effective in resolving symptoms immediately for both baby and mom.

A frenulectomy is a surgical procedure where the pathological mucosa, or fibrous band of tissue, is excised back to the normal base of the tongue. Our providers use instruments which are able to release the lingual frenulum in the presence of ankyloglossia (remember that blog post? Please refer here to gain a refresher!)

Following this procedure, sutures can be applied, or it can be left open. But not to worry, most babies are not bothered by this procedure since the frenulum is very thin and has very few nerve endings! If our providers decide that healing by secondary intention (aka: no sutures) is most beneficial, then tongue massage exercises are recommended for a small period of time. These exercises maintain release results by ensuring that the frenulum is not able to grow or reconnect to its original position.

Risks for frenulectomy surgeries are quite low! However, with any procedure, we run the slight risk of pain, bleeding, damage to surrounding structures, incomplete improvement of symptoms and reoccurrence.

All in all, babies tolerate the procedure well and can even feed immediately afterwards! If you and your newborn are struggling on your breastfeeding journey, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at pediatrics@thewsps.com or by giving us a call at 512-600-2888.