Bringing your newborn home is a joyous occasion filled with both excitement and unpredictability. At Wellspring Pediatric Plastics, our goal is to ease any fears or concerns when it comes to your baby’s development. Our providers are highly trained in the field of infant ear anomalies and have put together some information regarding the importance of early intervention for your newborn.

Ear molding is a wonderful option to non-surgically improve ear differences. It has the highest success rate when started within in the first 2 weeks of life, therefore reiterating emphasis on early intervention. If ear molding treatments are started before 2 weeks of age it has a >90% success rate. However, this procedure declines in efficacy thereafter, and by 4 weeks of age it drops to a 50% success rate.

The timing of this treatment hinges on the malleability of infant ear cartilage. Estrogen, which is passed from mother to baby in-utero, gives the newborn ear it’s pliability. This hormone peaks on day 3 of life and begins to decrease from that day on. By 6 weeks of age, estrogen levels have normalized and the more firm ear is less amenable to molding treatments. While this time frame seems brief, our providers are able to accurately consult, diagnose, and treat your newborn with confidence and the utmost care within the first few weeks of their life.

Our physicians encourage you to speak to your pediatrician and contact our office within the first few days after birth if you suspect an infant ear anomaly. At Wellspring Pediatric Plastics, our goal is to address these needs, listen to parent’s concerns, and create a successful treatment plan to optimize quality of life for your newborn.

Call Wellspring Pediatric Plastics to Help Prepare Your Child

If you’ve chosen Wellspring for your newborn’s ear molding and have questions about how to prepare your child for the big day, as well as the recovery time period, just call us and ask.

Having dedicated their career to working with children, our providers are very experienced in explaining big surgeries to little people. You can contact us at or reach our office today at (512) 600-2888.