Instead of waiting until your child is 5 years old to surgically correct differences in ear shape, you might want to take a more proactive approach with infant ear molding. In an infant ear molding procedure, your newborn wears a custom-fitted device to reshape the ears while they are still malleable.

Infant ear molding is a spectacular alternative to surgery, and it offers great results for a number of congenital ear issues, including protruding ears and problems with the outer rim. Because it can be done while your child is still an infant, they’ll never have to deal with teasing or bullying from other kids.

But just how long does it take to see results from this procedure?

An Infant Ear Molding Timeline

Typically, you can see right after birth that your baby has an ear issue. In many cases, these issues resolve themselves the first week after birth, and your child won’t need any sort of correction.

If you don’t see improvement within the first week, however, you might want to start fixing the issue with infant ear molding by your child’s first or second week of life. If you wait longer than this, your infant’s ears will become too firm to mold into the correct shape. Early intervention is the key to success.

At your first appointment, our providers will fit your child with the appropriate device. Two weeks after the initial visit, you will return to the office to evaluate the progress. Your baby will then need another ear mold to continue the correction. At this appointment, your child’s ear molds are removed and then replaced. This pattern repeats for 4-6 weeks of total treatment, after which, the ear molds are removed and photos taken. In our experience, 90% of parents report a good to excellent result if treatment is started in the first 2 weeks.

From start to finish, infant ear molding takes about six weeks. In some cases, babies require longer treatment to maintain a great result. However, after the final mold is removed, you will immediately notice the difference in your child’s ears.

Are Infant Ear Molding Results Permanent?

When infant ear molding is done in newborns, the results are exceptionally good. A recent study found that 89 percent of newborns who had infant ear molding saw permanent, lasting results. The 11 percent with poor results had their treatment done after 3 weeks of age, further proving the importance of having this procedure done early in life. If you miss the 3-weeks-of-age deadline, you may have to wait until your child is older and schedule an otoplasty instead.

Get Results From Infant Ear Molding

If you’re interested in reshaping your baby’s ears, don’t wait. Time is of the essence, as treatment that begins after two weeks of age is far less effective.

Help your child gain self-confidence and poise by addressing the issue with infant ear molding as early in life as possible. Contact our office today at or (512) 600-2888 to schedule your consultation.