In recent years, infant ear molding has gained recognition as a highly effective and non-surgical solution for correcting congenital ear deformities. Gone are the days when parents had to consider surgery later in their child’s life to address these issues! Infant ear molding offers a promising alternative, allowing for gentle, non-invasive reshaping of the ear during a critical developmental period. We put together a few of our favorite before and after photos to showcase why infant ear molding is emerging as the preferred choice over surgery in later years, providing numerous benefits for both children and their families.


Patient #1: 

This patient had bilateral helical rim lidding or folding over the top of the ear.  After 8 weeks of giving the ear better superior crus support and retracting back helical rim we saw significant improvement of helical rim curvature, shape, and improved projection.


Patient #2:

This patient came to us with pointed and wrinkled irregularities to the helical rim of both ears secondary to a significant constriction. After 6 weeks of working on stretching and retracting back the helical rims, the baby had a great outcome.


Patient #3:

This patient came to us with the right ear lacking symmetrical curvature to the left side. Using silicone and retractors, we were able to give the patient a much-improved helical rim that was in harmony with the left ear.


Patient #4:

This baby was born with particularly prominent ears. After 7 weeks of molding there was significant reduction of projection, putting the ears in harmony with the rest of the facial features.


It is evident that infant ear molding stands as a superior alternative to surgery later in life for correcting congenital ear deformities. By capitalizing on the natural plasticity of a baby’s ear cartilage during the early weeks of life, this non-surgical technique allows for gentle reshaping, eliminating the need for invasive procedures in the future. The convenience, safety, and effectiveness of infant ear molding make it an appealing choice for parents who seek to provide their children with the best possible outcome for their ear deformities. With its proven track record, widespread availability, and growing acceptance within the medical community, this innovative technique is transforming the way we approach ear correction. By embracing infant ear molding, parents can ensure that their child’s journey towards a perfectly shaped and proportioned ear begins from the earliest stages of life, setting them up for a future full of confidence and self-assurance.


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