Different Types of Ear Anomalies

When we discuss infant ear molding, we are speaking on a generalized term for newborn ear anomalies. However, within this realm of treatment lie several different malformations and deformities that our practice can safely and effectively treat within the first few weeks of life.

Approximately 20-30% of infants are born with a degree of ear anomaly, which can range from very minor to almost no ear at all. These differences are subcategorized into ear deformities and malformations. While these words may seem intimidating, our goal is to ease any hesitation when it comes to ear molding. This is a non-invasive treatment with extremely high success rates, and we believe that educating our patients and their families during the progression of treatment is helpfully reassuring.

So, what are the different types of anomalies that we are able to treat at Wellspring Pediatric Plastics? Deformities are actually fully formed, but misshaped ears. This type of anomaly is an excellent candidate for ear molding, as the full anatomically correct ear is present and malleable. While up to 30% of deformities can self-correct, we highly recommend booking a consultation with us at pediatrics@thewsps.com to decipher whether a treatment plan is needed in these cases.

Malformations, however, have an absence of skin and/or cartilage. Our providers are able to diagnose and treat these types of anomalies with ear molding if they are within mild range and within the first few weeks of life.

At Wellspring Pediatric Plastics, we hope to reassure you that most ear deformities and some mild malformations are excellent candidates for ear molding. However, most severe malformations will still likely require surgical repair. In cases such as these, our physicians and our surgical staff are able to guide you and your family towards an effective, safe, and trusted surgical plan. Dr. Cone has been fortunate to train under several of the country’s luminaries of pediatric reconstruction. As a result, he is one of a few plastic surgeons in the country with fellowship training in pediatric plastic surgery, craniofacial surgery, and laser surgery, with a specialty in ear deformities.

Please be sure to contact us at 512-600-2888 if you suspect that your child may benefit from any of our reconstructive services.