For infants experiencing tongue-tie or ankyloglossia, where a tight or short frenulum affects breastfeeding and maternal comfort, a frenulectomy can be a transformative intervention. At Wellspring Pediatric Plastics, this procedure, aimed at releasing a restrictive frenulum, plays a significant role in offering relief when conservative measures have proven ineffective in a timely manner.

Exceptional Care Approach at Wellspring

The focal point of a frenulectomy at Wellspring Pediatric Plastics is the compassionate care extended to both the child and their parents. The clinic ensures a nurturing and supportive environment for the little ones undergoing this procedure. With a focus on the comfort and well-being of the child, parents are encouraged to stay in the room during the process, enabling them to provide immediate comfort to their baby.

Understanding the Frenulectomy Procedure

The procedure begins by gently swaddling the child and placing them on their back. The team at Wellspring Pediatric Plastics then administers local anesthesia to the affected area. Once the anesthesia takes effect, the surgical team excises the pathological mucosa base to the normal base of the tongue using delicate scissors. In some cases, they might use an absorbable suture to aid in the healing process.

Minimized Risks and Immediate Post-Procedure Care

While acknowledging that no medical procedure is entirely without risk, Wellspring emphasizes that the risks associated with a frenulectomy are quite low. Furthermore, there are no restrictions imposed on the infant after the procedure. Parents are strongly encouraged to feed their baby immediately, ensuring their comfort and immediate care.

In addition, Wellspring offers guidance and support to parents, including instructions on tongue massage, if indicated, to further assist in the child’s recovery and overall well-being.

What Makes Wellspring Unique

At Wellspring Pediatric Plastics, the passion for treating infants with restricted tongue and lip movement shines through. This dedication is one of the defining elements that sets the practice apart.

What Sets Wellspring Apart:

  • Expertise: The clinic is staffed by board-certified plastic and craniofacial surgeons, ensuring top-notch care and expertise for every procedure.
  • Certified Physician Assistant: Complementing the surgical team, a certified physician assistant further enriches the care by providing comprehensive support.
  • Empowering Positive Change: The commitment to empowering positive change in children’s lives is at the heart of Wellspring’s ethos. With a focus on safe and predictable results, the clinic is dedicated to achieving transformative outcomes for each child.

Commitment to Transformative Care

At Wellspring Pediatric Plastics, the commitment to transforming the lives of infants goes beyond surgical procedures. The emphasis on compassionate care, immediate parental involvement, and a dedicated team of experts ensures that every child receives the best possible care with the utmost support and understanding.

The drive to make a positive impact on the lives of these little ones remains at the core of Wellspring’s philosophy, making it a beacon of hope and transformative care for infants in need of frenulectomy and related procedures.