A lip-tie is a tight or short triangular band of tissue connecting the upper lip to the gingiva (gum).  It’s also referred to as the upper labial (maxillary) frenulum.  All babies have some degree of tissue present.  There is are very few studies on how lip-ties affect breastfeeding; we are unsure how or if they affect latching.

Concern also exists that a lip-tie can cause a space between your child’s front teeth.  There are instances where this is true.  This does not need to be addressed until the child’s adult canine teeth erupt, as this may close the gap without surgery.

If you are concerned your baby has a lip-tie we will are happy to evaluated and discuss the treatment options.   At Wellspring pediatric plastics, we love supporting breastfeeding mothers.

For more information on lip-tie issues, contact our office at pediatrics@thewsps.com or 512-600-2888